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Most people who choose Maxicare request personal care and support services. These services provide hands-on assistance with the activities of daily living for people who need additional aid or cannot complete these tasks independently due to safety or physical limitation reasons

  • Daily Assistance- Daily Assistance provides an alternative to caring for a home, preparing daily meals, doing housekeeping and maintenance chores on your own. Maxicare offers a full range of support services to seniors who live in their own home or in assisted living communities and require additional support.
  • Companionship and Transportation -- Designed to help those individuals who require watchful oversight, companionship, transportation and/or accompaniment to events or to non-emergency medical appointments. Transportation services can assist with preparing for and accompaniment to medical and dental appointments, and anywhere else you or your loved one would like to go. Companionship services are also available. Whether accompanying to a movie or restaurant; assisting with letter writing; game and/or card playing; reading; or general conversation, Maxicare is here for your or your loved one’s medical and emotional needs. For more active seniors who do not want to leave their cars parked in parking garages while traveling, our caregiver-drivers can provide pick-up and drop-off services. Such assistance can be combined with homemaking, personal care and support and/or medication reminders.
  • Homemaking - Includes the tasks necessary for the upkeep and cleanliness of the home:
    • Meal planning and preparation – Grocery shopping, meal preparation, monitoring diet and food intake, preparing future meals and clean-up
    • Errands – Picking up prescriptions, gathering the mail and general shopping
    • Pet care – Walking, feeding and basic grooming
    • Light housekeeping chores – Assistance with laundry, changing linens, taking out trash, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, caring for houseplants and general cleaning as part of a home care visit. Maxicare is not a home cleaning service. If such services are required, we will make an appropriate referral.
  • Medication Reminders - Taking the right medication, in the correct dose and on time, is an important part of you and your loved one’s overall healthcare management. Maxicare offers a medication management program as well as medication reminder services at various levels to assist with medications. This can be provided as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with homemaking, companion and/or personal care and support services.
  • Hospital Support - Provided by professional Maxicare staff members who offer support, sits with you and will keep family members up to date with information as desired during some portion of your hospital stay.
  • Live-in Care - With full-time, live-in care and support, some individuals with physical or cognitive challenges can continue to enjoy life in the comfort of their own homes, avoiding the disruption and inconvenience that typically accompany a change in living arrangements.  Maxicare offers complete coverage so you need never be left alone.  Maxicare also makes great efforts to assign the same caregivers to the home each week to ensure consistency of care.
  • Overnight - Maxicare provides support to individuals needing assistance throughout the night. Services include assistance to go to bed, including toileting, catheter care, personal hygiene and skin care. Caregivers are awake all night and are available to assist with after bedtime transfers, toileting and redirection of confused, agitated or wandering behaviors. Duties may also include administering medication dosages, changing wound dressings or engaging in other skilled tasks.
  • Post-hospitalization Care and Support - Maxicare provides care and support to individuals recovering from general or orthopedic surgery. Our professionals provide a range of customized services to assist during the clinically critical first weeks after surgery, when rest is most important and discretion is most valued. Our dedicated and discreet staff work with the patient, family members and physicians, offering highly personalized skilled nursing, licensed therapies, personal care and support, transportation, homemaking and companion services. Our services enable recovering individuals to:
    • Rest during the critical post-operative period
    • Limit activities that might slow recovery
    • Protect privacy and dignity while allowing time to heal
  • Post-hospitalization Care and Support after General Surgery - Whether planning a cosmetic procedure such as a face lift, rhinoplasty, liposuction or breast augmentation, be sure to consider what kind of care and support will be necessary following the procedure. Provided by private-duty nurses who are Registered Professional Nurses or Certified Nurse Aides. 
  • Post-hospitalization Care and Support after Orthopedic Surgery - Wear and tear … accidents … injuries. Whatever the cause, orthopedic procedures such as knee and hip replacements can leave you or a loved one temporarily incapable of doing even the simplest tasks. Recovery can be long and difficult. We offer skilled nursing assistance, personal care and support, transportation, homemaking and companion services to assist during recovery time.
  • New Baby - Although a bundle of joy, a newborn can be a handful. Sometimes a little extra help around the house in the first few weeks after birth can ease the transition. We offer a full range of support services to new parents and their babies, including bathing, diapering, feeding, sitting or just providing you with time to attend to other tasks.
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We are also on-call.
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